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The Gulf of Morbihan

A few minutes from Les Rives de Vilaine, a family campsite in Férel between Pénestin and La Roche Bernard, discover the Gulf of Morbihan.

From Les Rives de Vilaine campsite to the Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan is a real nugget of southern Brittany, a jewel that you will enjoy discovering. A few kilometres from Les Rives de Vilaine, a family campsite between Pénestin and La Roche Bernard, set off to discover the villages and islands that are emblematic of these 12,000 hectares of Atlantic sheltered from the swell.

A small inland sea, the Gulf of Morbihan is a treasure trove for both sailors and walkers wishing to discover the local fauna and flora. Changing lights, unusual places between inland sea and land....Classed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Gulf of Morbihan conceals an archipelago of small charming islands: Ile aux moines, Ile d'Arz, Ile de Gavrinis, countless rocky islets to which you can access by kayak or boat....The list of possible excursions is long.

Take a day trip to discover the salt marshes, along the coastal paths, to meet the spectacular fauna that has made the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Nature Park famous.

A string of magnificent islands, luxuriant vegetation and island wildlife, take in all the beautiful sights during your stay at Camping Les Rives de Vilaine.

Camping près des rives de la Vilaine dans le Morbihan

With family or friends, head for the islands near the Les Rives de Vilaine campsite in Férel

The Gulf of Morbihan offers a wonderful playground for nature and sailing lovers. No less than 42 small islands dot the blue of the Atlantic!

With its postcard-like landscapes, mild climate, wooded areas and plenty of umbrella pines, the Gulf of Morbihan transports you into a southern atmosphere. Each small island evokes the south. Each one has its own particularity and none of them lacks charm. Life there seems more peaceful, an enchanted interlude in a timeless place.

Flowery islands, old-fashioned villages with hollyhocks in front of the houses with coloured shutters, water mills on the island of Arz....The small islands of the Gulf will seduce the whole family. Mountain bike circuits, footpaths, swimming and wild escapades with breathtaking views, the Gulf of Morbihan displays its charms in many ways. By kayak, boat, bike, on foot or on horseback, explore the gulf in all seasons, by land and by sea.

Parents and children will enjoy all the assets that South Brittany has to offer: its microclimate, its enchanting islands, its fine sandy beaches, its hiking trails, its abundant vegetation, its island fauna.... Not to mention the many charming towns, ports of character and flowery villages that Morbihan has to offer.

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